If you've read my post about getting into anime, you probably know that next to liking the "Isekai" genre, I am also a bit of a sucker for some good 'ol emotional torture. Well, luck should have it that there is an anime that will straight up abuse your emotions like your dad when you fail to hold the flashlight properly while he attempts to fix the darn car radiator for the quazillionth time. HOLD IT AT AN ANGLE.

"Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai." or in short anohana is an anime set in our current world albeit in 2011 (the year this anime was produced.)

The anime follows Jinta Yadomi, a high schooler in the time the anime takes place. On a fateful day when leaving for school he runs into a silver haired girl, however to Jinta and his friends this isn't just an ordinary girl. No, no, no sir! This is the girl that Jinta quite literally chased into her death. I should probably elaborate.

You see, in his youth Jinta had a close group of friends. One of these friends is Honma Meiko, a girl upon Jinta has a bit of a crush. This group of friends often meets in an abandoned shack that they converted into their "secret base", as kids do.

One day Jinta accidentally let's it slip that he finds one of the girls in their friend group pretty while of course looking at Honma. Upon hearing this she asks Jinta if he finds her pretty. Being a dumb ass as many kids are, Jinta decides to channel his emotions with some strong words: "How can I find someone as ugly as you pretty?". This of course causes Honma some emotional distress, and she runs off in an attempt to hide her tears. Jinta, taking another dumb ass decision as kids do decides to chase after her.

This chase, unfortunately ends when Honma trips on something and lands face down in a small river stream crack. She does not survive the fall.

I believe that the main character in some way is unable to forgive himself for this, and years later Honma Meiko's spirit returns to Earth to seek closure. Jinta manages to get the friends back together and they attempt to soothe Honma's spirit by doing all kinds of whacky, but wholesome activites.

In the end, it turns out that Honma just wanted the friend group together again. And after playing a game of hide and seek, they all acknowledge her presence and are able to see her. Now I am not going to claim hide and seek took on an emotional load, but the phrase "I found you!" does remind me of the anime these days. As this is also the final phrase, yelled out in full emotional passion before Honma's spirit passes on.

To give you one final beating, the show ends like this blog post: with a pretty damn good and memorable ending score. Take a listen for yourself, and if you took the trouble to read all this, hopefully until next time!

Honma and Jinta centered in the video, supporting cast (friends) on both sides.